Laundry Consulting

Clean laundry is an essential part of a successful hotel and casino. If you want to ensure that this operation is streamlined, then you need a laundry consultant with experience. At Satchwell & Associates, we offer laundry consulting services so that you can focus your energy on the many other aspects of managing your operation.

What We Offer

Terry Satchwell, our main consultant, has extensive experience in streamlining manufacturing processes, and he uses that experience to inform his laundry consulting. We specialize in consulting services for the hospitality industry, so we know what works and what doesn’t and can offer you reliable solutions.

We use our knowledge of efficient operations to make sure your laundry process runs as smoothly as possible, whether that means making new hires or changing the workflow to enhance operation. With our comprehensive services, you can efficiently meet your goals and provide your customers with a positive experience.

How We Can Help

We will engineer solutions to meet the complex challenges of growth, limited space and financial resources. From conceptual design and space planning to work-flow analysis. Detailed budgets are provided with initial financial model to align executive goals with finance, operations and customer service teams.

Keen focus to reduce your operating costs through the analysis of performance of people, process and machinery. Report will include recommendations to increase margins, order completion rates and explore new avenues for revenue streams for the business.

Our team can conduct on-site audits of your on-premise laundry or commercial plant to define production capacity and operating challenges. A comprehensive review of production standards, machinery up-time and establish KPI’s to measure plant’s performance.

We can mobilize quickly to work closely with your executive and operations teams to analyze requests for capital spending and major plant changes. We will reduce inherent risk/liability by leveraging our knowledge to ensure vendors performance and lower acquisition costs.

You can trust us for comprehensive equipment appraisals and Capex planning for immediate or long term plans. A thoughtful strategy will be researched and presented.

Get Started

For more information about our services, you can reach out to us today. We look forward to hearing from you.